Sunday, May 29, 2016

Let's Start Gardening!

I used to go to work in the morning, but on Thursday last two weeks I went to work in the afternoon. Because the weather was very nice (not rain, not chilled, and not hot), I decided preparing my garden throughout morning. These pictures below show what I had done.

Having a new Fiber Edge Raised Garden Bed Kit (42" X 42" X 6")

Pic. 1: It contains four 6" tall fiberglass boards, four angle brackets, 16 push fasteners, and black cover (bonus).

Pic. 2: There was an empty spot from construction trash and then I had an idea to use it for my small garden instead of planting grass seeds again.

Pic. 3: Hoe and shovel were ready to be used.

Pic. 4: First, I used shovel for digging, lifting, and moving the solid soil.

Pic. 5: Then second, I used hoe for shaping the soil, controlling weeds, and clearing soil. Can you see the difference of the soil surface after I used shovel and hoe from the Pict. 4 and 5? I'm sure you can.

Pic. 6: I had two ready planting areas for my vegetable and fruit seedlings. The raised garden bed needs top soil and manure before planting.

Pic. 7: I also made three medium holes for my white Hydrangeas that I cut from the strong branches this spring and planted them on the pots. This is a part of my experiments to multiply my white Hydrangea from our old house. The treatment was same which was from cutting but I planted it on the ground in the autumn three years ago.

Pic. 8: Calla bulbs are growing (vegetative growth). My coworker gave the bulbs from her garden last year. I'm so excited waiting to see the color of their flowers.

Pic. 9: My white Hydrangea began to bloom and my bleeding hearts had bloomed already. On the right side is other new white Hydrangea. It grew well after transplanting from the pot (cutting treatment/vegetative growth).

Pic. 10: These are Kale seedlings (generative growth). My friend from Ohio sent its seeds last year.

Pic. 11: I still have some plants leftover from last year. They grew again very well: strawberry (bare root-vegetative growth) and salad leaves (seeds-generative growth).
Done! Then I was ready to go to work with big smile and happy face.

To be continued!

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