Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Meet Fida, A Gardener from Pennsylvania

Posing with one of my eight Thuja Green Giant Trees
I planted in autumn 2005. The baby plants were 
around 30 cm when I planted them and they were 
over 3 m when my husband took this picture
in October 11, 2009.
Hi! Do you love gardening? You do? . . . That's great. You can be my friend. We can share our stories each other, so make sure you won't forget to get updated stories from this blog. Just write your email address on the left side of main page at the provided box and my stories will be delivered on time to your email box. Isn't it easy?

Uuups, I almost forget to tell you. I am from a tropical island in South Asia: East Java, Indonesia. Earning Bachelor Degree in Agriculture in 1993 with my special program in Agronomy challenges me to learn more about gardening in Pennsylvania. You know what I mean: from facing two different climates to four different climates. Challenge is awesome. It gives me enthusiasm to do experiment and more experiments, practice and more practices with the results of  "WOW!!!" or "UUUPS!!!"   Learning to garden in different climates will build my skill of how to plant many kinds of plants in the right ways. So, if you're interested to know about my adventures in this world, don't forget to get my updated stories.

See ya!

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